Feeding Potbelly pig

Known for their voracious appetites, and for eating almost anything you put in front of them, you have to be careful however what you feed to your pot bellied pigs. It is ideal for them to make a diet that is little in calories, and leading in fiber, which can be heard in diets and food formulas by companies such as Mazuri(Purina), Ross Mill Farms, and Heartland Pet Pig Products. Be sure to stick to a regimented diet, as pigs are prone to obesity. In addition, fresh vegitables such as celery, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, potatoes, and some greens can be successful for about 25% of a pigs diet. Pigs also love apples, grapes, and raisins, these should however be reserved as treats due to the high sugar contents. You should also set aside a plot of fresh untreated grass and soil for a pig to graze and root in, as this helps to supplement their selenium deficiency. If you would like to supply extra fiber, it is commended that you suppliment them with hay(alfalfa) and bran.


How to choose a name for your pet

Naming your pet should be easy, but folks often pass very hard and stress out all over it. I have had lots of pets and naming it has never been an issue, but has much been lots of play. Here are a few basic principle.

Do not name the pet you do not have! Do not decide a name for a pet you are getting as it might not fit. For instance, you may choose a name of "Buster" for the bulldog you're going to get or a name of "Missy" for the kittycat you are planning on, only to find they do not work. Your Bulldog may be more of a Leonard or Chad, and Butch or Bob could be a more appropriate name for your cat.

Think double around reusing names. I friend named his cat after an ex girlfriend of mine. A different friend named his dog after me. Both were amusing but not good long term names. Do you really want to name your dog after your dead grandpa or your canary after your deceased wife? Think twice.

Choice a name you like. Your pet won't care and it is no one else's business. Your pet, your name, is the basic rule.

Remember you are able to use a nickname if you would like. I'm Harold, but always called Harry. My Uncle Throckmorton was called Uncle Butch. You are able to change a pet's name if the original name Is not figuring out. It is not like changing a child's name; you can just do it! My mother in laws dog came with the inappropriate name of Greta. Greta is now Frank, a much more appropriate name for her.


Winter health problems for potbelly pigs

With the change of the seasons by warmer temperatures, to colder ones, it's critical to watch over our local pigs that we may have or even pigs that live in our state. Pigs are usually able to stand the cold, but they must be in good housing. Just because the pigs are in good housing though, does not mean that some of them will not get sick with illnesses, such as pneumonia, so it is a good idea to check on them every day.

The main symptom to watch for is a fall in eating or a change in eating patterns.This could be a warning sign that something could be wrongly. If you suspect something make sure to check the pig's temperature. A normal temperature for a farm pig is 102 degrees, where as a temperature above 101 for a potbellied pig is a cause for concern and you should take the animal to a local vet. Pigs don't usually cough with pneumonia.

To block pigs from starting ill when the weather gets worst, be sure that they've dry bedding because wet bedding will give the pig a bigger chance of getting sick. Also drafts can cause pigs to get ill, if the draft is persistent and the wind is cold.

Keeping up these steps and using your best judgment will save your pigs from getting sick, but do not forget, if you think something is wrong, it is always best to ask your veterinarian.Hope this helps keep off the troubles.


Potbelly Pigs Secrets

What kind of care do they need?
... If they withstand the cold?
Where do they relieve themselves?
... If they need to go for a walk?
... How long do they live?
... What do they eat?

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Look at this before buying potbelly pigs

Pot belly pigs can be very cool pets to own, but a lot of people make the mistake of adopting or purchasing one without a full understanding of their behavior. This leads to many pigs being thrown out and abandoned year after year. Many people who already own one know that this is all to true at times, but is it always this way? No, it certainly is not, so here are some things that ... READ POTBELLY PIGS SECRETS!!!