Winter health problems for potbelly pigs

With the change of the seasons by warmer temperatures, to colder ones, it's critical to watch over our local pigs that we may have or even pigs that live in our state. Pigs are usually able to stand the cold, but they must be in good housing. Just because the pigs are in good housing though, does not mean that some of them will not get sick with illnesses, such as pneumonia, so it is a good idea to check on them every day.

The main symptom to watch for is a fall in eating or a change in eating patterns.This could be a warning sign that something could be wrongly. If you suspect something make sure to check the pig's temperature. A normal temperature for a farm pig is 102 degrees, where as a temperature above 101 for a potbellied pig is a cause for concern and you should take the animal to a local vet. Pigs don't usually cough with pneumonia.

To block pigs from starting ill when the weather gets worst, be sure that they've dry bedding because wet bedding will give the pig a bigger chance of getting sick. Also drafts can cause pigs to get ill, if the draft is persistent and the wind is cold.

Keeping up these steps and using your best judgment will save your pigs from getting sick, but do not forget, if you think something is wrong, it is always best to ask your veterinarian.Hope this helps keep off the troubles.

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